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Life is soooo painful



Some people in life are mucked up from birth. No hope. I am one of them. But ...

I sorted myself out - I have hope but this blog entry is to vent.

We are looking at houses to buy. As a first time buyer this is one of the most exciting things in your life ... a time when you want to share with your family. A time when you want your family to feel proud of you for what you have done. A time to have mother and daughter shoppng trips to help decorate and kit out your house. A time for joy. A time for a house warming party with all your family.

Except ... My family arn't interested.

It hurts deep to the core. How can they not be interested? Surely they want the best for me? And i've managed to get to this stage in life ... alone ... without them ... making something of that extremely mixed up child I was

I texted my mum days ago about how we were viewing our first house ... no response ... the cow doesn't care. It's always about her when she does reply. Not how are you - what are you doing but straight into her crap. She never wants to meet. Unless I go all the way over there. Never comes to our house here. She's been once in 3 years and that was for my grandads funeral.

My sister has ran away to Australia to escape it all.

And my dad has Parkinsons.

My other family members we haven't seen for years and don't know where they are any way.

I feel so alone at one of the joyful times of my life. How bloody sad is that!

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your a fighter....never give up I didnt...my start was hard too...your good lady..I was impressed with your story becca :D take care

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