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Exams Are Over!



At long last- after one hell of a work period- I may not have revised a great deal over Easter, but I certainly had to work my socks off these last three weeks!Of the 9 exams (in 3 weeks), five went well, three were decidedly 'iffy' and the remaining one was in-between. Now all that awaits is whether I did enough to get a 2-1 or above...Going to chill out this evening by going out with the crowd from Chaplaincy to see the new Starwars film, A New Hope- then I can add my opinion to the glut of very mixed reviews that are floating around.In the meantime, there's more opportunities to do things like make Doom 3 levels and hang around others. But what happens this summer will depend on whether I get offered either of the Masters courses- if I do, then I can have the summer off, but if I don't, I'll have to spend the back end of the summer applying for jobs, preferably in a subject matter connected to meteorology.

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Hurrah - glad to hear it's over :D

Hubbie's got exams at Durham Uni in a few weeks time, so I can appreciate your recent stress :rolleyes:

Enjoy your chill out time and good luck in the job front :)

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