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Bank Holiday Break



Well I've managed to get Thursday and Friday off this week, so nice long weekend :angry: Unfortunately little fella has come down with a bug, resulting in me having to go and collect him at lunchtime. He had a temperature of 102F, so off to bed. He woke up, bouncing about and we went for a little walk. Later he flopped on the sofa, watching TV (very unlike him) and then demanded to go to bed at 6pm :blink: When I took his temperature it had shot up to 104F :o I've been lucky, as he has rarely been ill, an occasional upset tummy. It's not very nice seeing your child unwell as all you want to do is make them better, which you can't instantly. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help him get over this bug and he will be feeling more like his cheeky little self in the morning :D


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Aww Katie, I;m so sorry to hear Milo isnt well :(

Hope he's soon back to his normal self and you can have a well deserved bit of R&R on your days off over the long weekend :)

Hugs to you all


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Well this morning he was ok, ate some breakfast and went to the childminders (bit later than usual)

Got a phone call at 2.30pm to say his temp had shot up again.

Took him to the doctors, expecting her to say "oh yes it's chickenpox" (childminder's son has just had it) but she reckons toncillitus :(

So antibiotics and floppy son again :(

He had perked up a bit by bedtime, so fingers crossed :)

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I've got a long weekend looking after a spotty son and hoping the spot on my neck is not Chickenpox :angry:

I had it when I was young but apparently you can get it more than once :blink:

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Katie - if you're worried at all - go to the drs they can give you a blood test which checks your immunity for chicken pox - usually a bout of chicken pox will leave you immune for life - but if you had them only mildly it does leave you open for a re-infection.

Its better to be safe than sorry as the disease can have some nasty complications.

I was lucky with Minimoo that I was tested for immunity for it whilst still in hospital after having her as we were exposed to an infectious child - so there was no danger when she just had it :)


S xx

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