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Azores Hi


If you don't like it, leave a comment, don't rate and run!

Scared are ya? 8P


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Thanks, as long as I'm amusing you Lady Penelope, that's all that matters! Trouble is getting a "1" put me in a bad mood and now everyone who works for me thinks they have entered the seventh layer of Hell.

I'm off now to win back their hearts and minds with ice cream.

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I have brought you some green grapes... and a bottle of wine. (Well, they used to be grapes, once upon a time...)

The day I discovered I no longer had a perfect 5 on my blog I was really, rather bizarrely, unhappy about it. (As you might recall from my rather stroppy blog that day!)

I don't like the rating system at all... after all, we don't write our blogs to be given marks. In fact, I haven't actually rated anyone's blog... because if I like them, I read them, and if I don't like them, I don't. No-one needs to know though.

End of mini-rant.

Pass the ice cream, dearheart...

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They're gits aren't they!

Take no notice of the rating system, I don't anymore :lol:

(Good blog btw.)

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I enjoy your blog, so you get 5/5 from me.... hopefully that has brought the rating up somewhat.

Like Lady P and Wibbles, I dont like the blog rating thingy. Dont take no notice of the vote rate you receive :)

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