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UEA Norwich

Thundery wintry showers


I arrived on Saturday to UEA, and have been getting to grips with the campus. With being here for Fresher's Week I can get my bearings for a week before the PhD work starts on 1st October.

I'm going to see what sort of societies are about tomorrow. Of course I'm going to need to do plenty of work for the PhD, but hopefully I should be able to fit work and social events around each other so I can both get the work done to the best of my ability, and have a good social life (which I managed to do pretty well during that fantastic year at Leeds University). I'm also hoping that, as in Leeds, 'work' and 'leisure' may overlap to some extent; the work I did over there often didn't feel like work, and I sometimes did work-related things in my leisure time.

So far I've been very impressed by the UEA campus. The student's union is very good, the IT facilities look good, and there are plenty of good restaurants and pubs around the campus.

As for the weather, I may as well quote an extract from Trevor Harley's site here:

Thunderstorms. The south east. I remember reading somewhere that Essex is the best place to be, but Norwich claims to be the thunderstorm capital of Britain. If you want no thunderstorms, go to the northeast. Newcastle is the non-thunderstorm capital of England. Northwest Wales and the far north of Scotland are even worse off.

I don't know if Norwich really is the thunderstorm capital of Britain, but I've only been here four days, and there was thunder today.


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Hi TWS, glad to hear that you're settling in ok, sounds like a good place. Good luck in your future studies :) , hope you get some decent thunderstorms aswell :lol:

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Thunderstorm capital of the UK?! No, its not - we dont get that many!

UEA is pretty cool - the bar always used to be nice, been many years since I went there.

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