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Well...I'm having a 'hurumph' day! Am utterly sick of hearing Bob 'self promotion' Geldof banging on about what we can all do to save the world...Grrrr!!! It's all so two faced...where is Mr Geldof with his four or five huge companies...don't see him reigning in too much do you? And I have to feel sorry for the hundreds of Make Poverty History Organisations who have been hijacked by Geldof and his lunacy....The message was being got across slowly but surely, but now it's all about whether the Spice Girls will reform and what Coldplay will sing....I kinda wonder what I would feel like to be an african living in poverty...how would I feel if I heard about Live8? Would I think 'what a fantastic line up'? or would I think, 'How the hell does this help feed my child for the next two years'? Hmmmmmmm.....The fact is, whether we like it or not, global capitalism, of the sort promoted by each of these headline bands (they could not survive without it) is what is really doing for africa....if we all put a little more money towards the poor and a little less towards yet more plastic crap to throw away in 5 years time the world would be a better place....(after all think of the environmental resources and damage we'd save too?)Stop buying things you don't need, buy what you do need from sources that you know are fair, give what you can to charity, help out your fellow man, and hassle Blair and Bush to within an inch of their lives.....That way lies hope......I am sssooooooo angry that there is no joined up thinking at the moment: it's driving me nuts...And don't even get me started on carbon neutralizing your life: How's about not doing so much stuff in the first place, eh??????? In the west we seem to think that if we cough up enough cash later, we can do whatever we want now....it is SO unfair to the rest of the world, and I just really, really wish a few more people would take notice........


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