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Day 6 - Still Not Smoking



Well, another reason to be happy. I'm now nearly finished day 6 of not smoking, and feeling good.

Plenty of distractions have helped, but seriously feeling ok about it.

Still getting the odd craving, but it goes within 5 minutes.

I did get a but short with the receptionist at the doctors though. The champix you see is a course, and I need a repeat prescription for stage 2 (or whatever it is). My doc said, just leave me a message if its working, and i'll get a repeat prescription to you.

So off I trotted to the docs, and told this to the receptionist:

R - Do you know what the drug is called?

Me - Champix

R - Is it called anything else?

Me - Well. Champix is its trade name, but it will have a chemical name too.

R- Do you know what that is?

Me - Urmmm....No?!

R - Is it Ver*$&£&^((£($£($*"*$"*&$$*$*%?

Me - Urmmmmm...Dont know?!

R - Well sorry. You will need to book an appointment to see the doctor.

Me - But she told me to leave her a message that I would like a repeat prescription of Champix.

R - Sorry, you will have to book an appointment.

Ah well. As long as the pharmacist has stock, i'll be ok.


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Well done so far Chris, please keep us up to date i might try it in the New year if it works for you :clap:

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Thanks Guys and Gals. Its certainly been interesting.

Now on Day 13 of giving up, and still feeling good. My first day back to work though since giving up, so finding some triggers at the moment. Still, i've only got today and tomorrow, and then i'm off again until the 03.01.08 :lol:

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Well done you! Keep it up! I'm now into week 5 of being a non-smoker and I feel beter than I've felt in years!

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