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The Post-exam Wind-down



Well, I'm having a reasonably relaxing time at the moment- went out yesterday and did some food shopping, but got a bit sunburnt- it's another gloriously sunny day in Lancaster again today!I've got a conditional offer for the Leeds MRes course, but I need a 2-1 for it, so it's a case of 'waiting with baited breath' for the exam results to come out, apparently on or around the time of my 21st birthday (present or shock!? We'll have to see!)Will be going down to the Blackpool area this weekend to see a few relatives, for it will be the last time I'll be living in the North West for a while, regardless of whether or not I get into Leeds. It will be interesting to see how it goes, but for the moment I'm making the most of being at uni!Hanging around with some mates from time to time as well, mostly in the Chaplaincy Centre.And as for the grand car use taxing scheme, it makes me even more convinced that many politicians don't have much sense, because there's not a single point they make that I don't have an issue with! They should really start taking a look, IMO, at the ideas that the Lib Dems and Green Party are putting forward (e.g. the obvious: if we are to go the environmental taxes route, surely the actual source of the pollution, i.e. petrol, should be the main target?) I think some of them may well work far better than anything this or the previous Govt has done. Oh well, when I finally get to rule the country...Anyway, time to be off and enjoy the sunshine!

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Glad to hear you are enjoying your free time, hubbie took his exam yesterday but still has assignments to do by next week - then freedom for the summer :D

It's about time, I'm starting to feel like a one parent family at times :rolleyes:

I agree with you about the Government's plans regarding pay as you drive. If you live out in Rural areas like me, you have no choice but to use your car.

I choose to drive a car with low emmissions and get a small benefit from the government with lower car tax and insurance but what about the mothers with their 4 x 4s in urban areas doing 2 miles on the school run. They will not be affected by the pay as you drive but will be causing lots of polution.

Oh well, I don't see it happening, at least not in a long while :rolleyes:

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