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Flat tyers

snow raven


First off, I'm not talking about the tyres of flab I have around my stomach. They will slowly be disapearing thanks to Rosemary Conely's diet and my sister's wedding in August 2008 as will power to loose them.

I had my first flat tyre Saturday night. I was in the car alone, and for the first time ever, left the house without my mobile phone - about the only time in 8 years I have genuinely needed the blasted thing . Anyway, I guessed I had a flat tyre when I was around 4 miles from home. Well, I guessed by the noise my car was making and the fact I couldnt drive more than 10 miles per hour without the steering veering off to the left. So, being a woman (well, a stupid woman who only knows her car is white and is a 'K' reg) I just turned the radio up loud to drown out the noise and continued on my own merry way home. I knew I had a slight problem when I tried pulling away at the traffic lights less than half a mile from home and bright orange sparks from the now disintegrated wheel bit where my tyre should have been started sparking. No wonder the cars were keeping a safe distance behind me for the last couple of miles.

Have to admit, I did start to slightly panic at this point, but without being able to call anyone to rescue me, and only being half a mile away from home, I thought the best thing to do would be to drive slowly home. Turns out the tyre had disintegrated and the metal from the metal tyre thing bobby had started to cut through my suspension.

Still, I have learnt my lesson - I wont be driving on again if I ever get a flat tyre - I didnt realise it could disapear with just 4 miles left to get home :drunk:

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone - I hope 2008 is a good one for you all :drunk::drunk:

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What are you like :lol: Good job you made it home in one piece.................even if the car didn't :doh:

Hope you had a good day with Mini Raven and Happy New Year :drinks:

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