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Star Date 110605 Pt. 1...



Well, here we are after the non-appearence of Mr Ring's "rough weather". :(:) It's fair enough again today... :blink: And, Sally (Mrs T) will be back from her sojourn around Ireland tomorrow. I do hope she's had a good time!! :(:) No-doubt we'll be discussing it when she returns...I'm looking-forward to seeing her... :):) Anyways, I'm feeling a bit perplexed today. Sometimes, it feels as-if the whole World wants me to be sad and unhappy. When, all I want is for everyone to be contented!! Life's choices have consequences - of that, I'm fully aware. But, the very idea of adhering to the arbitrary morality of others, really gets my goat!! :angry: :o :D Sorry, if this all sounds a bit down...It's just the way I feel today! :(:):)

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Chin up, Pete :)

I'm sure no-one wants you to be sad and unhappy. And don't worry what others think - its what you know that matters, as long as you are happy and no-one is getting hurt, then thats fine, isnt it?

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and feel a bit happier :)

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