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bed time



Well after months of insomnia and a big Louby low, yesterday I finally got round to giving myself a kick up the butt and sorted my muddled mind out and get my life back on track. This morning I felt fantastic, and got the camera sorted thought we would take a trip down to Tilgate Park even though the weather wasnt great, get some snaps at the rare breed farm they have and bimble round the lake, well that was until my back went :drunk: but thought sod it will go anyway just out in the car find somewhere nice to park up get some shots from the car, with the help of Joe managed to get trainers on, to find when I went to stand I couldn't . Bugger.

Well it has taken me 20 minutes to crawl up the stairs and into bed, which is where I am gonna have to stay for a while. Joy of all joys!!

after months of people nagging me 'you should get to bed' I now have no choice :drunk:

whinge over.....


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Cavorting, that's your problem, too much cavorting.....

And I never nagged about you going to bed, I said it would help your health if you didn't stay up all night - you can see that never worked then :doh:

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Thanks Chris :) and yes having a good rest, actually to the point I have slept more these past two days than I have past couple of weeks :doh:

as for the wireless connection, no, I am getting the kids to run up and down the stairs with the messages hehe

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