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Juggling act



I'm in conflict with myself at the moment, trying to balance finding a job that allows me to be with my kids more and keeping some level of my position I have reached in my career.

Today I had a glimmer of a local job with lots of management, working 8am-1pm. It all seemed really good but then I found out that I would be on call to deal with any problems with the property or transport :rolleyes: Why can it not be possible to work part time when you get past a certain level :unsure:

I think I really need to look into doing some freelance work


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I empathise with your position. One of the main rants I have about childcare is that parents (especially mothers) are pressurised into the extremes of having either the career or the children, with nothing in between.

It seems that most people who want better childcare are fixed on the idea that we should go back to the old family values, where one parent stays at home and the other goes to work. Some will be happy with that, but many others won't be, and I believe that in addition, the possibility of job/child sharing should be explored as an alternative. Flexible and part-time work options for young parents would provide a beneficial balance for many, I think.

Sadly, the 'social inertia' I mention in the environment threads- the reluctance to try anything new- results in people either wanting things to stay as they are, or go back to how they were, with the job/child sharing option remaining neglected as a result.

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My big boss is a woman but doesn't have children, so is not as keen to encourage job share etc

I shall plough on :(

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