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The Phil and Looby Show (day 2)



No smoking day 2.

Fine so far- actually really good.

Monday in the Parking Unit is not a good day- phone goes none stop. The only blip I had was at 2.15 this afternoon with a "idiot" - I use the word for little eyes (get my meaning :wallbash: ) who wanted a permit for parking after getting a penalty charge notice. He had a go at me. BIGGGGG mistake. Mood turned blacker than the sky from a supercell from France. This was the conversation.

"You want a beat message" -Me

"Yeah- I can't get to your office. It's your fault mate" -him

"Well I posted your permit- have you checked your neighbours (he lives in flat in a block)" -me

"Nah can't be bothered" - me

"Your car registration plate SIR" me

Gives me car reg

"Got a pen sir?" - me

"Can't be bothered to get one" - him

"Well I CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO GIVE YOU DISPENSATION..... S I R". -me (my team hiding at this point laughing! :wallbash: )

" Your name mate" -him

"Phil Durrant" - me

"I'll report you and come and sort you out"- him

"Thank you for calling" - me- drags out puffer and nicroette cartridge. I inhale deeply and think nice thoughts.

And yes he came in to see us but my cashier calmed him down. Last week that would have been 2 fags and a cup of coffee. Today was a puffer, a bag of Dorittos(cold flavour) and some fizzy water!

I feel a non smoker. Just! :lol:


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:rofl: I bet your team had sore sides from laughing after that one, plus they have now seen the "other" side of Phil and will fear/respect you...........Oh the power :diablo:

Keep it up and let us know of any more juicy episodes :lol:

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