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Chislehurst Caves

snow raven


It has been half term for kids in Bexley this week, so we decided to take Mini-Raven to Chislehurst Caves, which is only a few miles from where we live. Anyway, after getting lost, and it taking the equivalent time wise of driving to the Coast for the day, we arrived at the Caves. Everything was fine until half way through the tour she announced she was scared and she was going to be sick (this was followed by a few unconvincing heaves and coughs). Unfortunatly it was too late to go back (and there was only 1 tour guide) so we carried on, trying to calm her down. Telling her Doctor Who filmed an episode down there years ago seemed to do the trick.

Anyway, it then got to the part in the tour where the guide takes away the parrafin lamps (ours got broken during mini-raven's tears and heaving 10 minutes earlier after she knocked it out my hands) and leaves us all in total darkness for a few minutes while she bangs a drum that echos through the miles and miles of Caves. I think Mini-Raven got a bit scared at this point because she decided to show her fear by doing a rather loud pop-off and laughing hysterically afterwards.

Thankfully the darkness sparred my blushes, hid the culprit, and the removal of the parafin lamps saved a possible downdraft of fire from the body gas produced.

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