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Deckings or Slabs...Professional or Rip-Off



Well, we decided to get some quotes in for a 3mx3m area to be either decked or slabbed.

Bloke 1 - Well, decking will probably be cheaper to do. For the decking, around £350, a bit more for the roping around posts etc. Came in at £430.

Bloke 2 - Well, decking will be cheaper to do. You want what?! 3mx3m. Why dont you do it all the way across the garden.

Came in (for 3mx5m) £980 for slabs, £1030 for decking.

Bloke 3 - Well, decking will be cheaper to do. For 3mx3m, around £1000. Slabbing will be about £500-£600. Will you be providing the slabs :wallbash:

Anyway. Bloke 1 was the only one to come in his new van, with full advertisement, in the correct gear you would expect and actually knew what he was doing (we may be getting someone in to do it, but i've been looking to do it myself for so long now, I have at least an idea of what should be done).

Bloke 2 came with his mate, and stank of booze.

Bloke 3 came, and asked if we were to supply the materials?

Congratulations to Bloke 1 :D You have won our business :wallbash:

Funny thing is, when bloke 2 came round, Rogue Traders had a programme about people quoting for decking/slabbing :lol:


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