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The North South Divide.

ECML-Route-Weather Watch


Welcome to my Blog, bringing you my weather observations through North East Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, North Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and into the City of York during my daily commute from Melton Mowbray, by car and train.

Tuesday 1st April 2008:

The North South Divide.

Melton Mowbray 06:30hrs 9.1'C

Weather wise a definite case of a North South divide today on the commute to York.

Melton Mowbray was wet and windy with heavy rain when I set off at 06:30 this morning. The rain did ease during the drive to Grantham along the A607 but the skies were leaden all the way.

On board the train and travelling north the change began to happen. Approaching Newark on Trent and well defined rainbow hung over the town. This led to a clear interlude through the Cromwell and Carlton areas before breaking into clear blue skies just south of Retford.

This morning in York it is bright and sunny with a clear blue sky and feeling rather on the warm side despite a breeze.

Temperature at 06:30 was 9.1'C, lowest recorded overnight temperature 7.5'C. Pressure at 06:30 was 1002 hPa

Tomorrow: More of the same.


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