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New House new...



Well they do say that a new house brings new beginnings and as it has been a while since I made my last blog entry, so I felt that now was a time as good as any to spread some new news.

Mrs Dazza and I visited the hospital this morning, for what is our 12 week scan.......

Yep, you guessed it, at long last there is a baby Dazza on the way :bad:

We have been through the usual, who do we tell, when do we tell them, yada yada, but we feel that now the 12 week period is past that we can be a little more open about who we tell, so that's a potential 7,288 people in one go then!

Mrs Dazza is completely milking the situation though, and everyone seems to be backing her up, no more doing this, no more doing that, and that's just my input. The morning sickness has now subsided and i'm feeling a lot better thank you, I feel sorry for anyone else expecting though, there isn't a single Ginger Nut Biscuit left in NI, Mrs Dazza has had the lot!

Today was actually our 5th scan, we decided to go private, just to be on the safe side. At the first scan we thought we saw something :) , at the second scan we were told that it was a case of 70/30 for pregnancy :bad: (that was a real downer of a moment), the 3rd scan was because Mrs Dazza was in some pain and we didn't want to take any chances, we saw a different consultant (as our was on hols) and he turn't the sound on, on the scanning thingy, and...... there was little heartbeat :lol: . Mrs Dazza started crying :D and I was very close to tears, what a life changing moment that was!. The 4th was at the request of our consultant just so she could verify the heartbeat for herself, and the 5th was today, again just making sure all was well and that progress was being made.

So, fingers crossed that all goes well from here onwards and that Baby D grows to be a strong healthy baby, only time will tell.

Thanks for listening...


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Awwwww, you've got me welling up :cray:

Congrats to the pair of you :clap: I'm sooo happy for you

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Awwwww, you've got me welling up :cray:

Congrats to the pair of you :clap: I'm sooo happy for you

Awwww stop it, you'll have me at it too :cray:

Thanks Katie :)

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Aww, Dazza and Mrs Dazza - congratulations to the both of you. Does that now mean you will change your name on NW to DazzaLoo carrying on tradition?

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Congratulations to you and your good lady, my darling dazzling one.

I trust the baby will be dressed in suitably bold and bright outfits to match daddy's delightful shirts?!

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Thank you all very much, maybe DazzaLoo would be very fitting, but I think Katie holds the trademark SR so I will have to be nice to her, and Lady P I hadn't thought about the colour scheming of outfits, good point, although I wouldn't want the baby growing up with a complex if my shirts are anything to go by!

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Do you have a piccie?

We did get one, I'll have to see if I can get it off Mrs Dazza once she has finished showing everyone and i'll post it here.

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