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Scary day



Today has been a weird and scary day. Started off at 12.50pm walking past Giraffe wondering why people were outside looking really shocked.

Went back to work as normal but then the police appeared, not just some but the whole of Devon police force (or that's how it looked) The police cordons got bigger and bigger until we were told we could not leave the building. Sniffer dogs checking all bins etc in the area. Then we got the shout "Everybody out, evacuate the building now" :lol: I have to admit that I was shaking like a leaf going down the stairs realising that I had to go closer to Giraffe.

It's just been on the news that they found a 2nd divise and the guy had mental health issues. There is lots of speculation but I shall leave that for the tabloids. Hopefully I can go to work tomorrow

End of the day, at least no one (except one) is injured but I know of one bloke (parent of little fella's friend) who was in hospital with shock having been in there today :o

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Katie, I can genuinely imagine how scary that was for you. I was stuck up London when the bombs went off on 7/7. I wasnt (thankfully) directly caught up, but I will never forget that terror and disbelief I felt at the time; and the panic attacks I had for some time afterwards on the train journey to and from work. ((hugs))

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