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Car Boot Sale



Today we did our first Car Boot Sale Never done one before, it started at 7.30am and we were some of the last who turned up at 8.00am :angry: What time do these people get up :o I warned hubbie that people will pounce on the car before you get anything off and yep they did. We had a brass jam pan which everyone wanted but not for any more that £5 :D We did really well but the things I thought would sell well didn't (toys, kids clothes) Hubbie reckons I have found my true vocation, selling things to people. If someone paid attention to certain clothes I said "oh have you seen this?, never been warn and my son played with this non-stop at your son's age" I never lied, just pointed out the good bits.Loads of people said our pitch was one of the best and seeing some of the c*** people were selling, it's not hard to see :blink: Anyway, after paying for our pitch and bits and bobs we made just under £100 for 4 hours hard work :(


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Well done you :)

I love car boot sales, I have a book fetish and it's cheaper to shop at a boot fair lol.

It makes me laugh though to see some of the crap people try to sell,( just because it's old deary, doesn't mean it's antique) £100 is excellent, what are you going to spend it on?


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Well done Katie :)

I have loads of things to sell - we had an weekend of clearing and sorting out ready for Micromoo so have loads of 'stuff' to off load.


I was thinking ebay though :D

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