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Recent goings on.

Azores Hi


Well I haven’t written an entry for a while so I thought I would have a go as we now have a new format.

Well recently things have been pretty busy, work is hectic with loads of problems to sort out, but that’s ok I like a challenge!

At home the house is back in student mode after having a big clear up a few weeks back we are back to piles of washing and dirt accumulating in the corners again now, I must try and clear up this weekend or I may catch dysentery.

The new car is going well and the missus and I are enjoying trouble free motoring through the Kent countryside at the weekends, unfortunately the price of petrol means that we can only travel the end of the road and back again, but hey ho it’s better than sitting inside. Mind you we ventured as far as Brighton last weekend but more of that in a minute!

The garden is looking wonderful! Full of the abundance of spring and heavy with scent. It really is a joy to behold and all credit goes to my other half for all the hard work she has put into it over the years. So far this year we have had about 8 BBQ’s, starting from Easter day, probably all this charred meat will give me some sort of horrific cancer but I don’t care, all those marinated meats, crispy pork cutlets and fragrant kebab mixes are worth it. I’m being flippant of course…

Now onto our trip to Brighton, well last weekend my partner and I had the pleasure of meeting some of the regulars from the Banter thread. Many thanks to Coast and Louby for organising the event, and also huge thanks to Katie Loo for the calorific experience which was her pepsi chocolate cake, very, very yummy!

We met up in the Harvester on Brighton marina, Coast had done a stirling job of organizing the sunshine despite the rest of the country basking in torrential rain we sat on the terrace and quietly spent a lovely lunch basking in some late spring sunshine and sipped our orange juice and lemonade (there is a vicious rumor that I drank the bar dry of drinkable beer, unfortunately it’s entirely true, although I put it down to a lack of supply rather than increased demand).

Overall, once we got over our initial awkwardness (coast excluded) I think we all got on rather well, there was a surprising lack of weather chat and all in all we had a nice time and it was great to put some faces to names and meet some of the characters that I chat to from time to time.

Hopefully we can arrange another meet up and get some more people involved, so if you are interested in meeting up, keep an eye out for announcements and I’m sure we could get together again sometime.

Well I’ve rambled on for long enough, I just noticed that my little old blog has attracted over 2000 hits now so I want to thank all those who have left comments for me, I don’t know about anyone else but I do find it comforting that someone is out there reading my insane ramblings. Thankyou all!


P.s. I managed to convince my other half to join Netweather, so some of you at the meet up must have made a positive impression! She has only been on a bit, did any of you spot her?

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