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June Remainder Forecast




Well, First of all i must apologise to my readers for my recent absence. It was unforeseen and unmanageable, but now i am starting to update more frequently as resources gradually become more available to me.

Now onto the forecast. My last forecast, back in march proved very successfully continuing my excellent forecasting track record. In my absence i have been able to realise just how amazing our weather truly is and how i take the models for granted in knowing what to expect in future days.

The remainder of June will remain with constant swings in weather, as indicated by the latest NAO forecasting, with variations between periods of positive and negative 4 days segments.

So for the remainder of this week the NAO will be negative. Signalling high pressure to the north forcing low pressure south giving us unsettled and at times windy weather. As with a change in pressure, there comes a change in wind direction and we will begin to see northerly winds and cooler weather.

Come mid-month, we will begin to witness high pressure retreat and allowing warmer air from the south to migrate north, but only for a few days before we see a return to the varying NAO and the battle between cooler northern air and warmer southern air, this will lead to thunderstorms at times, more prone i'd say in the north.

Following mid-month there is little to signal high pressure significantly retreat from the north so i can see it remaining cool and at times unsettled. This theme may well continue into july.

JUNE CET PREDICTION; 15.0 (+0.9) Above average, in respect of the recent warmth.

I will update my monthly forecast at the end of June before i jet off for 3 weeks to the USA!



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