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Bad Dazza - no Blog for ages.



Dear NW - It has been 3 months since my last [s]confession[/s] Blog entry!

I feel I have let all of my Blog followers down, A scan photo had been requested and several occassions and I made promises that I did not meet, and for this I apologise.

Mrs Dazza is getting bigger by the day and a couple of nights ago I received my first kick. Mrs Dazza had been dissapointed that I hadn't felt any of the kicks she had been experiencing and I think it was getting her down to be honest. I therefore decided to stick around above her naval for a bit and tried talking to baby Dazza. I put my head onto to Mrs Dazza's tummy and I got a kick in the forehead, and I mean a big kick. It didn't stop there. No sooner did I receive a kick in the head, but I I then got one straight in the chin before I had a chance to move! Little blighter, I think Baby Dazza was telling me off for not being on kick awareness duty 24/7. I have learnt my lesson and we now chat frequently.

Everyone around us (and I mean everyone) insists Baby Dazza is going to be a boy, I am the only one to dispute that. I like to be different and to challenge others views (well the views of the Mother-in-law), so I am insisting it's going to be a girl. Then again, going by the kicking maybe I will be proven wrong!

We have been given the 24th October as a due date. This doesn't fit in with our dates. Mrs Dazza had planned our nights of passion with military precision and timing (we're getting old, so we need to plan to make sure we have a stress free and relaxing day to help store up our energy for the evening). According to the date we have been given it would mean that Mrs Dazza conceived 2 weeks after the event, although we knew Mrs Dazza was pregnant at that time. This can mean there are only 5 possibilities:

1. Our Consultant has been drinking heavily.
2. We have lost 2 weeks of our lives.
3. It was a very long session of romance.
4. I have the most powerful and long living sperm in the history of man and am due to be contacted by the Guiness Book of Records forthwith.
5. There may be other possibilities.

Anyway, enough from me, here's over to a portrait of Baby Dazza taken 2 weeks ago:


I hope you can make something out?


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I would say awwww but I am useless with scan photos. They always look like something out of Alien to me. Glad everything is going smoothly though :D

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Awwwww she has your ears, will be a girly :D Auntie Louby insists on it!

Give Mrs D my love xx

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