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July Forecast



Sorry, i have been having BIG internet torubles, But i am past them now and am in the USA! Last night it was 100F at 6:00pm in the evening, i dread to think what it was during the day. As for my July forecast, it was produced before i left and was posted on [url="http://www.freechatandweather.com/page%204.htm"]freechatandweather[/url] but i didnt post it here for some reason! When i get back to the UK, i will be moving into the 21st Century and i will subsribe to NW-Extra! It's like ive entered a new era!

Any way here it is, a "bit" late, and i will be updating it next week some time. So stay tuned as i havent dissapeared!

July 2008 Forecast

Well, my June forecast is going well I believe and I reckon that the final figure (CET) will be close to what I have forecast. July is expected to be another mixed month with times of warmth but higher than average rainfall!

The GFS is now starting to show the beginnings of July in a reliable time frame. The situation being projected at this stage is for low pressure to assert itself, temporarily, to the west for a few days and high pressure to the east. This will force southerly winds upon the country and giving us the traditional heat wave, that lasts 2 or 3 days. This is always short lived and is concluded with a thundery show-down and I think by the 4th this will be exactly what will happen. This is backed up in the NAO as it turns positive indicating low pressure riding north over Greenland and high pressure building form the south.

This progression isn’t KEY for hot weather however we may see warmer easterly winds from time to time giving warm conditions.

The wettest areas this month will be to the north west and driest to the south east as there is going to be a constant battle between high and low pressure. The warm mid-Atlantic means we will see some strong low pressure systems developing, which will provide a strong battle against this high.

I feel mid-month will see a more low-pressure dominated theme and as a result we will get some thundery activity and SW’ly winds, which are still warm!
Following trends in the NAO I expect any warm periods to be few and short lived.

I will update mid-month with more tools available to me then.

Many Thanks


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