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Looking forward to retirement

snow raven


Its no secret I am looking forward to retirement. And being bored at work (hence looking forward to retirement) I decided to calculate how long I have until I retire. Little did I know by the time I am at state retirement age, I will be nearly 68! And knowing my luck, on the 5th July 2045, they will no doubt raise the age to 75! Argghhhh!!

Info from: [url="http://nww.pensionsagency.nhs.uk"]http://nww.pensionsagency.nhs.uk[/url]

[b]Your State Pension age[/b]

You will reach State Pension age on:06 / 07 / 2045
You will be:67 years 7 months 27 days old
You have:37 years until you reach State Pension age
You should receive your claim pack in:March 2045
(Guidance only, based on details provided and current legislation)


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At least you will have a pension :( I have a mish mash of bits of pensions. Think I need to buy a lottery ticket at the weekend :lol:

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SR I am starting to worry about your obsession with retiring, when you get to retirement age you will only sit in your rocking chair with your blanket and tv slipper wondering why you are soo bored and how you would like to do a little part time job :lol:

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Louby, trust me, that will never happen. I plan to get up every morning to buy a newspaper at 6am while walking my brood of Yorkshire Terriers, read that, then settle down to day time TV, give the dogs lunch, watch deal or no deal, then paint the town red at the local Age Concern get together. I might even chat to Mr Raven if he's still alive.
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so apart from visiting age concern your days will be much as they are when you are on leave for the day :lol:
when does Mr Raven retire? you may be looking after him by then :lol:

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