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Oh mah gods I have a blog



Your all screwed now!

So bloogy blooogy blooggy what can I put in here.

Place to rant my little mouth off.

1. It went too slowly.
2. Tuesday isn't coming around fast enough I NEED MY EXAM RESULTS
3. I saw a relaly nice pair of curtains that I want fo rmy dorm room at uni - if I get in see the above for details
4. The constant building work beside my house is driving me to clinical insanity
5. The lack of spell check will make this entry look like I am illiterate
6. How I Met Your Mother is on the TV which just made everything a little better
7. My Torchwood DVD has a scratch I have yet to discover what bit of the show is scratched over, when I do it won't be a happy event
8. Tuesday still isn't comming fast enough
9. Cobra Starship postponed their UK tour so they could record their new album. I DONT WANT A NEW ALBUM I WANT A FREAKING UK TOUR! I WANT YOU TO FLY YOUR ASSES OVER THE FREAKING POND AND PLAY! I had tickets for the show. I was all looking forward to going to the telephone boxing show and now...NO SHOW!
10. Oh and Edinburgh want £40 of my money for a freshers pack...um. No. I don't have £40.

Tomorrow...more ranting about how Tuesday isn't here fast enough.

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