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So near yet so far.

Azores Hi


Well it's been ages, I know, I know I'm terrible at communicating and I'm sorry. It's just that nothing particularly exciting or newsworthy has happened since I last wrote.
Talking of lack of communication.
There I was in my hotel room watching Boris Johnson talking about who the hell he thought he is when several alarm bells went off in my head.
Here is my chain of thought:
Who do you think you are?
August 19th
Bugger, today is the 20th
I’m on the Isle of Wight.
His address (in Scotland I might add) was safely stored on my Outlook contacts at work (back in Kent) along with his phone number.
Mum had rung me up the previous Friday telling me not to forget my Brothers’ birthday.

Oh well, that’s me in trouble then!

So why the Blog title? Well in about 7 days time I am off on my holidays to here


To a little campsite next to the river, where nothing ever happens and long may it continue. I will sit there drinking wine and eating fine food while the river gently washes my troubles away.

Quite frankly it can't come soon enough!

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You lucky, lucky Barsteward :nonono:

Unfortunately we are not off to France this year :( I too look forward to the food, wine and slower pace of life but alas it cannot be this year

Enjoy :drunk:

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