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Worst customer service



I still have the in-laws in town so we decided to go grab some food at a local pub last night. Bad mistake. We arrived at 6:45 and our food finally came at 8:15! I wouldnt have minded if the food was good and that was it but oh no. Two of us order steak med. It came out without a hint of pink and virtually charcoaled, so we sent it back. The waitress comes back about 5 minutes later and says the chef wont do another steak and that is how he is cooking medium tonight!! can you believe that? I have never experienced that in my life. I told the waitress 'i know this is not your fault but tell the chef to stick his steak up his arse as we are not paying'. Anyway the head waitress comes over after a bit and apologizes. They offer 50% all the other food and drink, so all is not lost. I ended up having a big mac.

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Sorry to hear about that CC. The same thing happened to myself and a group of friends when we went for a curry at a local Indian restaurant just before Christmas. Food took over 90 mins to arrive, no apologies, nothing, plus the curry was bloody awful. Made a complaint, and like yourself was offered a discount but we were all so annoyed we left without paying. Haven't been back since and don't intend to either.
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