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Today - 28th Jan '05



Well Hi, my first entry, I'm going to bore you with my day....Woke up at 06:50, or more to the point, got woken up... Had cereal. Actually no I didn't I was worrying about missing the bus. Anyhow stood at the bus stop for erm 7 minutes waiting for the 472, which I missed, so i thought I'll wait for the 72 - strange thing was, the 473 turned up first which is better as it takes me straight to Liverpool without all the hassle of going through Birkenhead. Once I got to University, I purchased a Bottle of Coke. I then proceeded t my Lecture which was in Stand Park Building 101 - more commonly known as 'the floating laboratories' because they're so high up! Anyhow had my lecture from 9-11am on Cultural Geography, very interesting too!After that I thought I'd nip down to the SU to wait for my English Lit lecture, there I met up with two friends Katie, and her friend who's name I really should know.. but anyhow, when the time came we headed off to our English Lit seminar about Interpretation. Got the bus home - the Arriva 78 - the most unreliable bus in the UK!Went to work more or less straight away, had time to chat with Daisy who is a special friend of mine (we always have deep and meaningful coversations)less said about work the better ... ahem...Came home and looked at the models nice to see the 12z fantasy run in full flourish (either that or Im desperately clutching to 600 strawsAnyway thats all for now


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