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Sunshine then Showers

Azores Hi


Life is a bit like that isn't it?
I come home from a fantastic holiday, the food, wine, company and scenery were all fantastic, the weather was ok too :nonono: .
But when we got home we found that our cat had escaped from the people who were looking after him. The very same day we left.
Unfortunately no one has seen him for two weeks. We have posted fliers around, notified all the authorities we can think off and searched everywhere but I fear the worst for the little fella. To make things worse, during our searches we were directed to the remains of a cat a couple of fields away from where he escaped. The foxes had done what foxes do and I was unable to tell weather it was our cat or not, but it seems like too much of a coincidence really. I fear the worst but it's not knowing which is hurting most.

A flat end to a lovely couple of weeks away, as I said, sunshine then showers.

Plus the tele is busted and the exhaust on the car is blowing :unsure:

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I hope kitty is just AWOL :(

I've known cats disappear for a while only to find some little old lady has been feeding the "stray" for weeks :doh:

Fingers crossed

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