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Its almost time.....



...to enjoy some piece and quiet. Finally, after 924 hours and a few minutes (thats about 5 1/2 weeks) all my visitors for the summer will be gone. September 2oth is D day...peace and quiet for 3 months until Xmas.... woo hoo

Does anyone else feel the same when relatives come and go? they must do. But whats more, the in-laws were actually less hassle than my parents. I swear to god if my Mum asks another meaningless, random question about Canada I'll....'do black and brown bears mate with each other?'......'Do they hibernate at the same time?'.....'I wonder if the roads crack more than in the UK because of the cold?' ...'Don't you just love the names of the headache pills in Canada, they are so much better than ours back home !!!! I could keep going, really I could (and breathe).

So finally this weekend I will run around the house naked, shouting profanities (sp?) and doing stuff in every room that I couldnt before hand. Why? Because I can!!!!! woo hooo

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Good morning from the UK Canadiancoops

Your post made me laugh - it is the little things like going to the loo in the middle of the night and having to search for something to cover you up... I have lots of family staying during the course of the year and it is so lovely when they go home. I am thinking of buying a one bedroom house (good thinking - yes).

Enjoy the peace until Xmas

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