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The Last Warm Weekend Of 2008?



Hello one and all

Back again in Blighty after a fabulous weekend at home in the Charente, wall to wall sunshine and temps around 22 degrees once the sun climbed high enough. The start and end of the day are chilly and we have had our first frost. We still managed to have lunch outside in shorts & tee shirts and it is wonderful walking and cycling weather. Pity then at the moment I have to be inside carry on with the building work, but needs must as they say. I did mange to get outside to help my daughter sweep up the first large pile of autumn leaves, and talking of autumn, the display of colour has been amazing this year both in France and the UK.

Just to make me feel a bit better about coming back to the UK to work, we got the rain that was over the UK for the weekend, and it poured down all the way driving from Jarnac to Poitiers airport. Landing in Stansted came as a bit of a shock to the system, it was freezing... in comparision to France, though looking at the Meteo and from what my wife is saying, after the rain and associated cold front moved through the temparatures tumbled so its quite chilly there too.

So the big question is, was that the last warm weekend of the year, I think it probably was especially now we have turned the clocks back, so I think it will be away with the garden furniture until March next year.




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