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Shooting Star - Or Was It?

mike Meehan


Sunday evening I was at St Austell when I saw what appeared to be a shooting star travelling from SE to NW.

It appeared to be at a relatively low level but it is hard to tell. It was visible for some 3 seconds and breaking up with pieces coming of it glowing red. I have never before seen one quite like this.

I initially thought shooting star but was it a piece of space junk breaking up as it re-entered the earth's atmosphere?

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Hi Mike,

Interesting observation - I think the colour you saw probably came from a chemical compound found in either the rock [meteorite] or in the metal [space junk] and the combustion created the burning colour.

I've seen 'shooting stars' - meteorites entering the Earth's atmosphere usually burn white, as they did not so long ago when there was a meteor shower across the UK from a nearby comet or something.

Hopefully that answers your question, but I expect Google can give you a better answer. :)

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