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O_o Too Early...



OK so its 6:40am I've been up for half an hour, I'm sure thats way too early. Though the thing is I worked my little but off yesterday. I did my QUILS lab report (which has taken me three days to do peopel) my Chem lab report if finished, my Met hand in assessment is finished, all the damn stuff is finished.

Then I will go to my lab later today and get given more things. Thats fantastic isn't it!

On other news DT said he was escaping DW and I am now heart broken.

On other news I have got no snow, have not had any snow and judging by the rain will not get any snow. I am over the snow I tell you, over it.

Scotlands weather consists of: Rain: Overcast: Chilly but not cold enough for snow: Rain: Overcast: Chilly: REPEAT

Screw this moving to the MidWest.


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