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So Did You See Any Snow...



I thought I would be on to a winner this week with a pretty high chance of seeing snow, but alas not.

On Tuesday I had to go to Harrogate and due to a bit of poor planning on my part I had to go there and back in a day, so at 6:00am I set off from S E London, then got called into the office just as I was passing it, so was delayed by 2 hours, so much for getting clear of London by 7:00am. So, having paid the congestion charge which I was trying to avoid by setting off early, I headed off from London Bridge at 8:00am to drive up to Harrogate, arriving just in time for my appointment at 1:00. On the way up there was bright sunshine until the river Trent then it started to cloud over and get very cold, time to shut the windows. I thought yes bound to see some snow on the way back.

So having done what I have to do, I got back into the car at 5:00pm to head back to SE London, there was nothing falling in Yorkshire, but 5 live were giving out snow warnings for Birmingham and Northamptonshire and saying the snow moving east. All the way back down the A1 the warnings were coming thick and fast on the radio but absolutely nothing was falling on my windscreen. Finally when I got to Peterborough it started to rain! and it rained all the way to SE London. So having covered the best part of 500 miles all I had see was rain, having allegedy driven right through the frontal system that was delivering the snow, well thats the fickle British weather for you, perhaps I would have seen something if I looked behind me!

However I am pleased that it has got cold and ground temps are reducing quite nicely now, you can always tell when the ground temps are dropping away when you have to turn up the temp gauge on the shower to maintain the same level of heat in water, as the cold water gets even colder..

Enough from me for now I'm off to lok at a few of my favourite snow cams



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