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Moving House



Well I can officially spill the beans and say that we are moving house (hence all the work done on the house recently)Hubbie's company is moving to Gloucestershire, so we are all uping sticks and going "darn sarf" (although I don't think they have that accent down there)I've lived in North Yorkshire all my life so it's going to be a big change. I don't think we will see as much snow down there :D I've only ever been to Gloucestershire once when I was 13 so it's a bit difficult trying to work out where to start house hunting. I think we will have to go down for a weekend and a look about :) So busy time ahead this summer :o


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Parts of Gloucestershire are really nice - can be very scenic in places, although I can only really comment on South and West Gloucestershire.

Depending on which part your hubbies's firm moves to, you should look at Cheltenham or the Forest of Dean (fairly good transport links to M4, M5 etc). Gloucester itself tends to be a bit 'chav'.

The accent in Gloucester is 'gloster dog' (or so ive heard it called), not really sure how to describe it, elsewhere around it tends to be a bit 'arrrr', (think of a watered down Wurzels!).

Hope this helps a small bit and good luck with the house hunting!

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Thanks Harriet

The business will be in Andoversford, so we will be looking Cheltenham type area

Hubbie's boss has already said that if you draw a line between Gloucester and Cheltenham, then the not so nice bit is on the left and the better area is on the right

I will be nice to be able to explore Wales, which I've always wanted to do but was a bit too far :( plus Cornwall and Devon

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Not forgetting the rolling hills and market towns of Wiltshire ;) :lol: .

Great news Katie and my thoughts are with you!

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