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Mistakes, I've Made A Few, But This Was A Big One...



I have to come clean here and admit to the howler of a mistake I made last week.

It is probably one of your worst nightmares, next to loosing your passport in a foreign country. I flew back to the UK last Monday from my home in France as usual with no problems went to work and then at the end of the day headed back to S.E. London for a well earned early night. However when I got to the front door of the house I could not find the keys, and then the sudden horror dawned on me that they could still be in France, so I phoned the wife and yes they were on the bedside table. Franca phoned the house owners in the hopes that they had left a spare key somewhere and indeed they had, a neighbour had a key, trouble is you need two keys to get into the house. So I had no choice but to go back to London and then to my parents in Southend, going via Next (it was the only shop open at that time in the evening) & Boots on the way to buy some clothes and toiletries. Luckily I had somewhere to go otherwise it would have been London hotels and it would have cost even more, just when we are trying to save as much money as possible for the house.

Such is life, I still do not know what the keys were doing on the bedside table, I never take them out of my jacket pocket in France, the departure checking before leaving the house will be even more rigorous, and I will get a spare second key cut to leave with the neighbour, I don't think I'll forget keys ever again...


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In May last year I locked my car keys in my car while in Cheddar on one of the Bank Holiday Mondays.

How did I manage it?...

... I don't have central locking and the boot has to be unlocked manually. I unlocked the boot and absent mindedly put my keys into my fleece pocket before putting the fleece into the boot and shutting the boot - none of the doors had been unlocked before doing so = oops.

After attempts to pick a lock and to prise the doors open there really was no choice but to break the glass in one of the small rear windows (chosen to cause smallest damage) with the help of a guy who was parked nearby who had a mallet and a towel to make the glass breaking safer - because, of course, when your car is fully locked you can't access your stuff either, can you!

Since then I seem to check where my keys are far too often!
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