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Lovely Day - Rotten Ending (could Swear But Won't)



OK so day splits into 2

Normal daytime, got the ceiling decs up (via Jeremy Kyle and Trisha). Helped Darren's mother (my mother in law) sorted a loft of winter clothing out and charity shop stuff out.

And then had chinese take away. Till 1 hr ago.

And Kieron came over. Our mate Dave over the road has been burgled. Badly. So a lovely day has ended with a mate in pain. In his words he "feels like he's been raped". That not words. His. Poor Dave has lost TV, DVD, Camera, Pixil Camera, his lounge cushions"?!?!!" and his Jaguar sports bag from school. D+C police been round but not a chance of getting anything.

And to copp it worse? He's off to Brussels tomorrow morning on hols at 6am. Poor Sod.

Sorry if I swore I would, but I could spit. 2 hrs out for a drink with us and this happens........

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That'w really bad :(

Unfortunately I think we will see an increase in this sort of thing as people feel the pinch more.

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