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Horrible Day...



well today will go down as yet another example of terrorism in London...Today both myself and mr Roo were at home (thank goodness) but yet again, it's been a case of had it been monday, had it been last week, etc, etc....The bomb on the bus went off 50 yards from my office and have been trying to get through to friends and colleagues all day.....luckily everyone at the Institute has been accounted for. The foyer of the building is being used to treat minor casualties, and UCL are rapidly trying to find enough beds in student residences for staff, students and local people.....It really is so very shocking....I also keep thinking about all the people on that bus....I get that bus (or a number 10 or a number 73) every monday morning at about that time. The buses are usually full, and as the cheapest form of transport they are usually full of ordinary everyday London residents going to work and school....no suits, no city types, no-one of any consequence or political influence...just ordinary people.....I used to live in central London when the IRA bombs were at their worst and felt and heard the bombs in the city and at Mill Hill......I was also in Camden the night before a bomb exploded in a bin and came into Victoria station from my home in Herne Hill just an hour before the Victoria bomb went off......Mr Roo used to travel into Moorgate everyday....I'm kind of feeling like I must be a very lucky person, or maybe it just shows that anyone can be there, anyone can be touched by this...it's just a matter of luck whether we are or not.....I am just so glad that Mr Roo is now working at home as he was in the heart of the city during 9/11, and during other attacks and that has terrified me before now....It's a very sobering thought...... I'm very very shocked and saddenened that this has happened again....


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It must be really scary to think...if I'd been working today :unsure:

Be thankful that you and your work coleagues are ok and spare thoughts for the poor innocents that were not so lucky :(

Most of all though, look after yourself and don't get too upset, it's not good for Mini Roo :)

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Yep....I think the main thing yesterday was the shock...also hearing from my friends at work who had to set up a small field hospital in the entrance to the building.....

One of them ended up spending their day shuttling people back and forth from UCH....and two of our students got off the bus at the stop before to walk around the corner and see the bus explode.....poor dears were utterly traumatised....

But the good side was the UCL community swung into action with beds being offered, everyone beig offered tea and coffee who walked by the building, and a laundry service being set up in one of the halls of residence....

It's just all so very sad.....

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