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Having spent the last 6 months commuting with the joys of Scotrail I have decided to write about books.

Now I get through about 2-3 books a week. All taken from the bestseller rack at Tescos so how could I possibly go wrong...

Here are some of my findings:

1. Ex Special Forces personnel have a penchant for finding holy relics

2. If you bump into any ex special forces then they are likely to be escorting a pretty young lady in search of said relics.

3. They all carry guns

4. Archeology is plainly dangerous.

5. Chances are the archeologist searching for relics will be targetted by either a secret society intent on keeping said relic a secret or an evil benefactor who wants the relic for himself.

6. Ex Special Forces people are far better at finding relics than professional archeologists and can condense a lifetime of someone's work into around 2 days globetrotting and stumbling on clues.

7. The artefact or relic will have profound implications on any one of the worlds major religions.

8. Roo is very lucky to have survived her chosen career. I'd be suprised if she was not accosted by the Spanish Inquisition at some point in her career and of course... no-one expects the Spanish Inquisition

So there we go.. So twice I tried reading books written by ladies

The first said it was a murder suspense thriller with a location setting that I'm very familiar with so I thought I'd give it a go...

A group of women were living separate lives in a fairly remote town... The first one hunder odd pages went into details about their lives and peculiarities..

But it did liven up at page 136 when the Brennan's decided to host a cocktail party

The second book nearly made me cry... On page 84 the lead female thought another female was... and I quote... 'a nincompoop'

Now I'm sorry but that word has no place in adult literature.

I'll stick to me special forces.


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