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Christmas Is Coming



[b]Christmas is less than a week away now and I have still got so many presents to get, I'm going to try and be down woolworths at 8am tomorrow morning and bag some 60% off bargins. I wonder if woolworths sell weather equipment ?? . It's another dark cloudy misty day in leicestershire today with plenty of drizzle around a true sign that we are now into winter. Is the official start to winter still the 21st december ??. So christmas and what do I think it will bring ....

Well high pressure now looks likely to be slap bang over the top of us, I think this will bring a cool cloudy day with plenty of mist and fog around. I think sunny spells will be at a premium with mist and fog lingering all day in some area's under very light winds. This will also aid to keep things cool with a max of not higher than around 5 degrees for the midlands. Into christmas night and I think there is a good possibilty temps will fall below freezing in the midlands, with scotland a little warmer.

Into boxing day and things are starting to get a little complicated as it all depends on where the high decides to go . There are clear signs for northern blocking so i'm thinking there will be no sinker at the moment. I would expect some kind of easterly to evolve at some point during the first half of january due to the constant blocking to our north east. But from the 26th - 30th i'm going to go with cool mainly dry with high pressure over us or ridging over us.

Yesterday's 12z showed very nicely what could happen in this situation, It is all up in the air with wild model swings, although the essembles are slowly starting to lean towards a colder sollution.

Anyway that's my thought's for now.



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