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Abit More Promising Than Yesterday ...



[font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]Well compared to the rather dissapointing gfs runs of yesterday the 00z ecm and gfs 6z have decided it may get colder after all. Ukmo try's to bring a south easterly in on christmas eve night.

Maybe a few snow furries for the south east as we head towards boxing day although I do not think it will be in the right place to class it as a white christmas.

Ecm brings in north easterly winds by late xmas day as does gfs. Gfs then get's thing's really cold with -10 850's filtering right across the uk. We then eventually end up with a 1065 high pressure over greenland with a 1040 high pressure over scandi at the same time. I do not think this will be the exact way it will plan out, but height rises seem the order of the day for some time to come.

I'm now awaiting 12z to see if the trend continues for an easterly componant for christmas day. My advice don't look past +168 it is pointless no matter what it shows.

p.s. I mentioned In my blog entry yesterday I was going to be at woolworths this morning, I got outside for 8.30 at there loughborough store and the que to get in before they even opened was about half a mile long.. needless to say I didn't bother. I am working near skegness on monday ( my last day yay) So hopefully there woolworths will be a little less packed and I might pick up some decent weather equipment.[/font]


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