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The Met Office

Thundery wintry showers


Still five and a half months for things to change, but so far I have to give the Met Office a big thumbs up- seems a very good place to work, and I've been having a good time there. It isn't particularly difficult to find fellow weather enthusiasts, as might be expected. I'd been concerned that my social life might suffer, but in fact the MetO has a wide range of social outlets associated with its sports facilities, and thus so far it's been fine socially as well.

The climate down here in Exeter is pretty poor for snow, as I gathered before I got here, but we get plenty "sunshine and showers" here which is always a bonus as far as I'm concerned. Although snow is very rare, Exeter does get a surprising amount of frost, probably mainly due to it being inland and in a valley. A couple of days ago, it was 0C at 11pm, rained at 4C at midnight (temps have a habit of shooting up just as the showers arrive) and then fell to freezing again, leading to a lot of "skitey bits".

I've been playing quite a bit of chess recently as well, after a spell where I hardly played any (the chess society at UEA fizzled out).

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Glad you're enjoying being in Devon :)

The ice on Wednesday morning was definately "skitey" I did a spin and ended up on a grass verge, thankfully I didn't hit anyone :doh:

Kt :)

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