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The Netweather community has been a pretty lively and busy place over the last few days as snow has been rattling across the country.

Over the space of 48 hours during the Sunday and Monday (1st and 2nd Feb), over 13,400 posts were made which if you average it out right across the period means there were nearly 5 posts a minute, every single minute! Those who were online during Sunday morning will have seen we took steps to make sure the servers didn't slow down or crash by upgrading them, we were glad we did as that evening we set a new record for the amount of users online with 1233 people all the forum at once, which hammered the previous record of around 670 which was set just a couple of weeks beforehand.

Over the last few days we have also welcomed more than 140 new members, so welcome to you all - it's great to have you onboard!

I need to say a big thank you to our team members who have done a sterling job in keeping things well organised and flowing along nicely during this extremely busy time, thanks too to all the members who have contributed to the great atmosphere on here!



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