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A Cd Who?



Evening all, what a fun start to February it's been! The site has been really busy - serving over 2 million pages a day on a few days and over 12.4 million pages already this month.

We'd been looking at ways to increase capacity on the website as our traffic has more than doubled every year for several years now and we didn't want to end up in the situation where the site ground to a halt and then having to act as it's not good for you - our users and it's a recipe to end up panicking into sorting a solution which isn't good in the long term.

What we've been using more of is a CDN, for those who aren't techie, CDN stands for content delivery network, and what it basically means is that we've been putting some of our content onto this network and letting their servers deliver it to you. This has several great advantages, one is that it takes some load off of our core servers and the second is that the CDN we're using loads our content onto servers around the world with huge capacity for traffic, so wherever you are and no matter how many try to access that content, you'll always get it from the server nearest to you (meaning good speed) and it'll never slow down because of too much traffic.

One of the items we've been putting through the CDN is the images from the GFS chart viewer ([url="http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=nwdc;sess="]here[/url]) and why? Because so many of you are using them - which is fantastic to see, with over 20,000 charts being requested from there every hour at times!

Anyway, enough rambling about CDN's (which incidentally our new video content will be using too), thanks for reading - and please let us know if you have any suggestions for the chart viewer - we want to keep developing and encourage more and more people to use it.



PS - If any of you are seeing slightly slow speeds on the gfs chart viewer, please let us know by [url="http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=contact;sess="]clicking here[/url] as there have been one or two teething problems which we can solve quickly if we know about those with the problem.


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