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A Change On The Way ?



This morning's models continue to show a change to more unsettled conditions next week , the high looks to slowly receed back south westwards with a slack northerly or north westerly flow taking over , The models today show a far less potent shot of cold than was shown over the last few days , with the exception of the ECM which has decided to build heights towards greenland on it's 0z output. Gfs 6z seems to have 2 attempts at a northerly but both fail in bring any sustained cold air over the uk.

My instinct tells me that the time is over for any worth while cold over the uk for the 08/09 season , The exception to this could be the cairngorms with remaining cold pools flirting with the far north at times. I think northerly's will probably happen all the way through april but I don't think they will bring with it the threat of snow to england and wales.

A warmer than recent summer is on the cards this year I think with the azores tending to extend eastwards over the uk on a regular basis . At time's this could extend far enough east to pull in a really hot feed from the south . Late summer storms to be followed by an indian summer in september. Then cooling down for the start of winter , basicly I think next year will see the season's start to get back to normal and at normal times.

I might try a proper long range lrf next winter , just for a laugh but we will see.

It is now time for a quick cuppa before getting some work done , roll on next week as I'm off all week , let's hope the weather plays ball for me.


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