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Baby Boom !!



Ok well I think I should come clean and finally admit to being the latest addition to the Net Weather Baby Boom ;) Certain people have known for a while and have been fantastic at respecting my wish to keep it quiet until after the first 12 weeks dodgy period :) Having done this once before I thought it would be a breeze but I forgot just how tired you get. It's harder work when you already have a little one to look after.I also forgot just how loopy you go when you are pregnant. I introduced myself to our summer student at work as the dizzy pregnant woman :) Generally I am ok, I am going to see the consultant who looked after me last time when I had problems with my kidney. I've had the odd twinge but I am hoping I will not have the same problem this time but it's better to be safe than sorry, so I expect I will be having regular scans on my kidney to make sure it behaves :) I just hope that we manage to sell the house soon so we can think about moving before it gets too late :D I think Shuggee is definately going to have to start off his NW merchandise with a baby range :o


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Katie... that's fantastic news! I'm really pleased for you and hope everything goes well. :)

I am currently considering creating a My First Weather Forecasting Set for all these net-weather babies! :lol:

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So this is baby number 4 for the NW nursery Katie :lol: .

Brilliant news and I so hope all goes well with you :) .

Matt Barton will feel left out in the nursery won't he!!!!! :lol: (or perhaps not!)

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Congratulations Katie (again) :D

Its a relief to be able to 'let the cat out of the bag!'

Wishing you a healthy and happy remaining pregnancy :D

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Hehehehehehehehe!!! Such good news Katie (and so good not to have to keep my trap shut anymore....loopy preggie brain plus secrets really don't go together you know!!)

So will you be Katie Loo, Katie 'oo' L, Koo, Katoo L, etc, etc??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Drinks all round (non-alcoholic of course!!!) :D

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Love the new blog name....welcome to the 'OO' club!!! (Only the best members!) :D

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I was beginning to feel very left out and broody... but now I'm relieved Lord P has had his little op.

If I were to become pregnant I'd have to change my name to Lady Poo. :blink:

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Lady Poo :lol:

You've really cheered me up - thankyou :D

You can be honorary auntie to all the NW babies B) (I expect babysitting ;) )

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congrats katie....im just glad ive had my lot now....i remember all the sickness ect and being pregnant during summer months . good luck


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