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Storm Chase 2009 - Tour 2 (Part1)

Ross B


Hello folks, I have finally got round to looking through all of my photos from this years storm chase! Here is part 1:

[b]Texas - 9th May - 2009. [/b]

After landing at Dallas Ft Worth airport we were straight after the storms. What better way to start than seeing our first supercel.

A low precipitation (LP) supercell base:


Then a High precipitation supercell straight after!:


The lightning and rotation from this supercell was incredible and we were all very surprised that it never quite managed to drop a tornado. The HD footage is very nice, but due to file sizes limits i've only uploaded the video to youtube in standard format.


The supercell then made its way to the town of Brownwood, Texas where we later found out was heavily damaged by large hail.



[b]9th/10th May 2009 - Texas.[/b]

The following 2 days were unfortunately down days after a good start. Still the odd sunset to see however;


[b]12th May 2009 - Again, Texas! [/b]

This was probably one of the best storm days of my life. I'll let the pictures do most of the explaining...

Convection initiated:


A storm fired and we were off! A dust storm initiated as the storm dragged in the moisture. Spot the lucky hidden lightning strike in thise first photo:


I have video of this storm as the dust reduced visibility to only a few yards but as yet i still need to upload it.


As we chased the storm we saw an amazing base which contrasted against the red fields.


A quick gustnado then whipped up some dust


Then a lowering


Finally, the chase led us to Childress, Texas where we witnessed some amazing structure, a possible tornado, the vortex 2 project with its associated many DOW trucks. Oh and some nice lightning and mammatus...


A very small funnel starting to form?


Oh, and maybe a tornado?


The Weather Channel/ Discovery Channel filming next to the team.


Then some nice mammatus and lightning.




And then finally, an amazing video of a lightning bolt landing within a few feet of us. (You cant see the lightning but you can defo hear it!!!!)


Well, that was my first blog entry. I hope you enjoy the photos and look out for part 2 soon!!


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Cracking stuff mate, will watch the vids later, but some amazing photos in there.
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Fantastic Write Up Ross!

And loved the pictures, how can you give that up next year, and 2009 was a dreadful Year! Hahaha

Cant wait for Part 2!
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Cheers guys. I really want to go next year, sorting through the pictures has made me want to go back badly! Will have to wait a wee while to see if finances will allow it though :)

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Awesome photos and vids there Ross!!!

Only the rest of Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar and most of Apr to go...:D

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