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More Cars/top Gear

Thundery wintry showers


So, following on from my latest blog on transport, I came across an article relating to Top Gear on the internet.

Some very, er, revealing comments here!

[quote]If only it could be removed this programme has probably caused more deaths on our roads than any other with its glamourisation of fast cars and speed over everything else.Why not introduce a weekly crash analysis slot into the show if it must continue to explain how the most recent deaths and serious injuries occured with police and road safety professionals to give their comments.[/quote]

[quote]The BBC should replace top gear with cycling gear a new show looking at all aspects of cycling club road ,commuter and touring this would be a much more sustainable and socially responsible approach to broadcasting,yes it is probably only a dream but if only it could happen...............[/quote]

Beauty of the car? An ugly metal and glass box that pollutes the planet, clutters up every inch of our streets, makes us fat and lazy and gives our kids asthma? Where's the beauty? The sooner this programme finishes the better - it's a product of the past, rather like the Black & White Minstrals in the late 70s.[/quote]

[quote]At first glance this story seems cause for celebration. Top Gear ending, some good news amidst the depressing headlines. But think about it, with the current BBC commissioning policies TG would probably be scrapped to make way for an even less intelligent, dumbed down petrol head's fantasy show. If such a thing is possible.[/quote]


*Warning to simple people*
Don't say "if you don't like it, don't watch it."
It doesn't matter whether we watch it or not: attitudes towards speed and responsibility leak out into wider society.

[quote] [quote]Many people are into cars because of something that comes naturally to humans. its called FUN. People drive these because they are fun to drive. It is easy to get attached to something, not just it goes fast and looks cool, you have a genuinely good time in it. That is why Clarkson and many others, including myself, dread the day when we have to say goodbye to our cars, our fun.[/quote]
And when you die horribly in a gruesome car smash, I shall dance merrily on your freshly dug grave and dance a merry jig as your no doubt tea-soaked relatives blub tunelessly into kitchen roll. And for an encore, I will squat down and parp out the brownest turds of the purest joy, splattering your newly-chiselled headstone mischievously filling the grooves of sorrow.[/quote]

A perfect illustration of why I defend motorists so much these days. Part of it is simply a backlash against attitudes like the above, which I expect will become more prevalent as time goes by.

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Some of those attitudes are pathetic and childish. I hope Top Gear isn't axed not only because I love the show, but just to annoy those people even more!

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