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Broken Wrist?



Well silly old me decided to clean the conseratory roof on Sunday. Just the usual thing most pregnant women get up to on a hot day :) I slipped a couple of times on top and broke my fall with my left hand. It now seems that I might have broken my Scafoids (sp) in my wrist. I have done this twice in the past, so it's likely to have happened again. So now I am sporting a oh so attractive splint and have to been seen tomorrow again befoe they think about xrays (not good for MiniLoo)I think I should take people's advice and take things easy :o


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Oh Katie - please be more careful - reading your blog is a real life version of 'What katy did'!!

I hope you don't have to have x-rays, but if you do, make sure they cover as much of you as possible with the lead blanket.

Please take care and yes - REST!!!!!

nag nag nag nag nag nag nag


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