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Building Up My Driving Stamina ^^




What a terrible August its been for storms! I always thought when I was young that the storms avoided me, always flashing away to the East or the West, rarely overhead. Now, with the availability of radar, my scope of oberservation is widened and they're avoiding me on a national scale! Im sure all enthusiasts feel like that sometimes.

Today was another disappointing day for some im sure, I know it was only 10% chance or so but it felt like more <_< I saw some excellent convective cells over Dartmoor earlier on the very back edge of the cloud associated with the CF. Really dark textured bases stretching from horizon to horizon but for whatever reason it remained only very shallow convection.

Two good things from today though, I drove 450 miles from Glos to Penzance and back and it actually wasnt that arduous, I feel like im ready to drive 600 miles at a time accross the midwest states!

Secondly, ive been doing alot of reading on the weather basics and im on a [i]very[/i] steep learning curve, but now the passage of a cold front without the presence of storms is just as fascinating! So, even though the storms are avoiding me, im getting my fix elsewhere :unsure:

Attached is a pic taken looking out west from the coast of Cornwall this afternoon, I think it might be the trough that was out over the Irish sea today. Are these sheared?


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